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September 2020 and May 2021

Stream now at (Available through June 12, 2021)

Award-winning ODC Ensemble presents A Cinematic New Opera in Seven Acts, written by Noor Inayat Khan. Acclaimed composer Shirish Korde defines the production with a score that fuses contemporary and world music styles including Hindustani, South Asian, Greek folk music and Contemporary American and European idioms. Featuring grammy-winner bass-baritone Dashon Burton, acclaimed sopranos Emily Pulley, Jennifer Zetlan, Lito Messini & The Cassatt String Quartet. Musical director Sara Tarana Jobin, a Grammy-nominated conductor known for championing new American opera, sculpts the context of this new opera that is scored for five vocal soloists, string quartet, sitar and an ensemble of ten actors/singers who perform as a Greek Chorus.

"I loved that piece and am most grateful to you for bringing it into English and other languages. It is socially powerful and wonderfully experimental. It moved me and allowed me to feel most grateful for feminist art projects that link our rage with solidarity. A million thanks!"

-Judith Butler, philosopher, writer of Double Gender, Precarious Life, Bodies That Matter, Undoing Gender and more

“That was extraordinary. A fascinating visual kaleidoscope and a very compelling examination of female identity. Bravo!”

-Douglas Kennedy, writer of the international bestsellers The Big Picture, The Pursuit of Happiness, Leaving the World and more; ex artistic director of the Peacock Theatre in London UK

This production balances fable and fantasy, myth and spirituality, patriarchy and feminism, inviting the audience on the personal and spiritual journeys. Don't miss your opportunity to experience this unique work of art!

Irina Muresanu: Four Strings Around the World

Four Strings Around the World is an exploration of works reflecting the ways the violin (including its ancestors and relatives) is employed in musical settings worldwide. The album is a celebration of diverse cultures refracted through the unifying voice of solo violin.

Featuring Vak (for violin and electric drone) by composer Shirish Korde.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018, 6pm

A Reinterpretation of Ancient Music at the Chinese Tang Court: enjoy a cello concert with College of the Holy Cross visiting musician-in-residence, Jan Muller-Szeraws. This performance will be introduced by Shirish Korde, composer and professor, College of the Holy Cross.

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