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Opera & Music Theater


  • Aède of the Ocean and Land (2020) a zoom opera based on Noor Inayat Khan's play: Aède

  • Phoolan Devi: The Bandit Queen (2010) a multimedia chamber opera for two sopranos, baritone, chamber ensemble

  • Chitra (2000) opera/dance drama for soprano, Balinese dancer/actor/puppeteer, Indian Classical dancer and chamber orchestra. On texts by Rabindranath Tagore

  • Rasa (1991, revised 1998) chamber opera for soprano, choir, ten actors/dancers, chamber ensemble, and electronic tape

  • Inspired by Bharati Mukherjee’s novel Jasmine. On texts by Kabir and Rabindranath Tagore

  • Conquistadors (1996) chamber opera for five soloists, eight actors, six dancers, and chamber ensemble. On texts by Pablo Neruda

  • The Separate Prison (1995) jazz opera for eight soloists/actors and jazz ensemble. On texts by Dare Duke

  • Bhima’s Journey (1993) music/theatre work for four soloists, twelve actors/dancers, and chamber ensemble. Adapted from the Hindu epic the Mahabharata



Orchestral Works


  • Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (2019), commissioned by the Richmond Symphony

  • Nesting Cranes (2004) for flute and string orchestra

  • Cranes Dancing (2006) for violin and string orchestra

  • Svara-Yantra (2006) Violin Concerto in three movements

  • Nada Ananda (2009) Guitar and Chamber Orchestra



Vocal Works


  • KA (2012) for soprano and chamber ensemble

  • Anusvara (Sixth Prism) (2012) for soprano, violin and guitar

  • Anusvara (Fifth Prism) (2012) for soprano and cello

  • Songs of Ecstasy (2008) for soprano, tabla, and chamber ensemble

  • The Drowned Woman of the Sky (1997) for soprano, three cellos, and two percussion. On texts by Pablo Neruda

  • Jazz Songs (1995) for jazz vocalist and chamber ensemble

  • On texts by Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, and Langston Hughes

  • When the Creation… (1993) for soprano, Balinese vocalist, oboe, two pianos,and percussion. On texts by Rabindranath Tagore

  • Kabir Songs (1992) for soprano, chamber ensemble, and tape

  • On texts by Kabir



Chamber Works

  • 3 Rasas for String Quartet (2020) Shringara-Veera-Aaananda (Commissioned by the Cassatt String Quartet)

  • The Conference of the Birds (2019) a song for soprano and chamber ensemble (based on Farid-Ud-Din Attar's medieval allegory)

  • Lalit (2012) for cello and tabla

  • Anusvara (Fourth Prism) (2011) for cello and string orchestra

  • Lalit (2009) for flute and tabla

  • Dream Sutra (2009) for violin and string quartet

  • Lalit (2007) for Bansri (Indian flute), harp, and vibraphone

  • Nesting Cranes (2004) for flute and string quartet

  • Blue Topeng (2003) for two Balinese gamelan soloists and chamber ensemble

  • Spiral Constellations (1991) for disklavier, percussion, and interactive computer system

  • Chamber Symphony (1989) for chamber orchestra

  • Chamber Piece for Six Soloists (1986) for chamber ensemble

  • Double Quartet (1982) for flute, violin, cello, piano, and computer-generated tape

  • Chamber Concerto (1980) for ten players

  • Tape Studies I-IV (1975-1980)

  • Constellations (1974) for saxophone quartet

  • Sonata (1968) for violin and piano



Solo Works


  • Vak for solo violin (2017) commissioned by Irina Muresanu

  • Joy (2012) for viola and percussion

  • Anusvara (Second Prism) (2008) for solo cello

  • Anusvara (2007) for C flute or alto flute

  • Anusvara (2007) for amplified bass flute, doubling alto flute and tamboura

  • Anusvara (2006) for soprano saxaphone solo

  • Light (1991) for soprano solo

  • Tenderness of Cranes (1990) for solo flute

  • Time Grids (1989) for amplified guitar and computer-generated tape

  • Goldbach’s Conjecture (1985) for flute and computer-generated tape

  • Goldbach’s Conjecture (1984) for flute solo

  • Spectra (1973) for trombone and synthesized tape

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