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Vák (for violin and electric drone)

Irina Muresanu, violin

Sono Luminus (2018)

“On all levels, a very impressive release.”
- Lisa MacKinney, Limelight - Australia’s Classical Music and Arts Magazine
Tenderness of Cranes

Nina Assimakopoulos, flute

Amp Recordings (2016)

Duo Jalal Shadow and Light.jpg
Shadow and Light

Duo Jalal

Bridge Records (2016)

Jennifer Borkowski COMPOSED.jpg
Anusvara / Tenderness of Cranes

Jennifer Borkowski, flute

Ravello Records (2015)

Shirish Korde Anusvara

Jan Müller-Szeraws, cello
Deepti Navaratna, soprano
Amit Kavthekar, tabla

Shirish Korde Ka

Deepti Navaratna, soprano
Jan Müller-Szeraws, cello
Amit Kavthekar, tabla
The Boston Musica Viva, Richard Pittman, director


Concerto for guitar and ensemble in three movements
Simon Thacker, classical guitar
Dr. Jyotsna Srikanth, Carnatic South Indian violin
Sarvar Sabri, tabla
The Edinburgh Quartet (Tristan Gurney, violin; Philip Burrin, violin; Michael Beeston, viola; Mark Bailey, cello)
Mario Lima Caribé da Rocha, double bass
Iain Sandilands, percussion
“…an exuberant virtuoso display of rhythmic complexity. Nada Ananda means joy of sound, an idea Korde captured in his music.” -The Guardian

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Violin Concerto in three movements
Joanna Kurkowicz, violin, Samir Chatterjee, tabla, National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Rubén Silva, conductor
Joanna Kurkowicz, violin
National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Lukasz Borowicz, conductor
“A terrific piece in which the tradtional symphony is dropped into the middle of the subcontinent, exploding with color.” -Matthew Guerrieri, Boston Globe

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Phoolan Devi Songs

Alexandra Montano, mezzo soprano
Da Capo Chamber Players
Composer’s CD (2006)
“The showpiece of the evening was the 100th composition commissioned by Da Capo since its inception: ‘Phoolan Devi Songs’ by Shirish Korde, three excerpts from an opera-in-progress about Ms. Devi…” –Ann Midgette, The New York Times

Nesting Cranes

(flute and string orchestra)
Jennifer Gunn, flute, Chicago Symphony String Orchestra
Ludovic Morlot, conductor
Composer’s CD (2004)

“Nesting Cranes, is a shakukiachi-tinted flute with a string choir to lovely effect…the strings often breathing with the same natural cadences on the soloist–the pacing and dynamic shadings of the Korde work are masterful.” –Michael Cameron, Chicago Tribune

Blue Topeng

Desak Laksmi and Bethany Collier, Gamalan soloists,
Boston Musica Viva, Richard Pittman, conductor Composer’s CD (2004)

"The aureate sound of the gamelan shimmers in the air, supported by the Western instruments and the bamboo flute, and the pulsing, cyclical rhythms both soothe and excite.” –The Boston Globe

“three-movement work impressed with its metallic sheen and its formal construction.” –Boston Herald

The Drowned Woman of the Sky

Elizabeth Keusch, soprano,
New England Conservatory Contemporary Ensemble, John Heiss, conductor
Capstone CD (1997)

The Drowned Woman of the Sky

Maria Tegzes, soprano, Dean Anderson, percussion,
David Hoose, conductor
Neuma CD 450-93 (1996)

Tenderness of Cranes

Claudia Anderson, flute
Centaur CD (1996)
“…fantasy-like piece of imaginative beauty…”
–High Performance Review

Tenderness of Cranes

Patricia Spencer, flute
Neuma CD (1996)
“…breath-taking composition of complex expressive layers…” –American Record Guide

Tenderness of Cranes

Jean DeMart, flute
Neuma CD (1995)
“a beautiful, original work” - Computer Music Journal


Maria Tegzes, soprano,
Holy Cross Chamber Players
Neuma CD (1995)
“Shirish Korde and Lynn Kramer’s awe-inspiring Chitra (2000). It’s difficult to imagine a more startling and entertaining close to the Boston Musica Viva’s 31st season.” -East comes West. Theodore Bale

Time Grids

David Tannenbaum, guitar
Neuma CD (1994)

“…some of the best interlacing of electronic sounds and guitar that I have yet heard…” –Soundboard

“Time Grids is the anchor of this offering.” –American Music Guide

“…plays the full sonic spectrum, and does so with great skill…”–The Boston Globe

“Simon Thacker’s crazy flying fingerboard work as the piece reached its climactic conclusion, was really something else! What a wonderful exposition of contemporary possibilities of the classical guitar.”
- Alan Cooper / Univ. of Aberdeen

Goldbach’s Conjecture

Pierre-Eves Artaud, flute
Neuma CD (1993)

Chamber Piece for Six Soloists

Holy Cross Chamber Players,
Francis Wada, conductor,
Neuma CD (1991)


Blue Topeng

Desak Laksmi and Bethany Collier, Gamelan soloists,
The Boston Musica Viva, Richard Pittman, conductor
Composer’s CD and DVD (2003)


Elizabeth Keusch, soprano, Nyoman Catra, dalanga,
Boston Musica Viva, Richard Pittman, conductor
Composer’s CD and DVD (2000)


Elizabeth Keusch, soprano,
New York Virtuoso Singers,
Da Capo Chamber Players
Composer’s CD and DVD (1998)

The Drowned Woman of the Sky

Elizabeth Keusch, soprano
Robert Schulz, percussion
Composer’s DVD (2006)

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